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Innospec fuel specialties news!

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Innospec Fuel Specialties, an international fuel additive manufacturer, provides solutions to problems resulting from microbial induced corrosion (MIC) in storage tank systems.

MLA is pleased to offer this product to a wide range of customers…from those who own diesel storage and handling systems to those who own truck fleets. Innospec keeps systems clean, thus preventing unnecessary maintenance on tanks and dispensers…Also engine performance is enhanced and true money savings are realized by eliminating unnecessary maintenance on trucks as well as increasing fuel mileage.

Innospec offers a complimentary fuel-testing service to its customers…thereby verifying that those responsible for actually treating the fuel are doing so...

Breaking news!

Brad Long has earned the designation CPMR (Certified Professional Manufacturers' Representative).

In January, 2013 Brad completed the third and final year of the CPMR program...The program is executive education for rep firm owners and managers. Participants invest one week at a time for three separate sessions to gain tools, knowledge and insight into operating a rep firm more effectively and profitably. The program also is viewed by manufacturers as an investment in their futures.

Nupi Update


Great news for piping customers and installers…This new Nupi entry seal reduces installation time even further, and it has a smaller profile on the face of a sump. In development for almost two full years this new SEBEP entry seal is the next step in the evolution of what is already the best and most reliable piping system out there. And, Nupi offers a full 30-year materials warranty along with an available 10-year labor warranty. It's a win-win!

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